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New Year. New blog

2016It’s now 2016. Welcome to the new year and yes, it’s been a while since I blogged. I guess one of my biggest problems is finding the motivation to get writing. I know I need to journal daily and while I know that, doing it is a whole other subject. So here we go on January 2nd. I’m just updating the blog again and I will do my best to do a post a day.

So what’s been up? Work, work and more work. The one thing I’m finding as I get older is I tend to go to work and then come home and the exciting portions of my life that I used to have now seem rather vacant. I don’t go out as much. I don’t take pictures as much. I don’t update as much because I don’t do much.

Stagnation is the name of the game but no longer. I need to move. I need to get out. I need to live so let’s get to doing that.

One thing I am doing these days is bullet journaling. I love writing in books and this gives me not only a planner, a calendar but also a creative outlet. Something to help me do something as dumb as doodle and draw or practice my handwriting, one of the things I really need to improve on. I’ll post some pictures of the planner very soon along with some other stuff I’m working on.

So things I want to get accomplished in 2016. Let’s make some goals.

  1. Clear out the vast amount of 20 years of clutter from my house. I’ve lived in my house since 1995. I do clean and I’m nowhere near hoarding where I have a clean path around mountains of trash and old newspapers. I just have a ton of junk and it needs to go. So I will be finding ways to make cleaning a priority but not a huge weekend chore.
  2. Budget more. I am HORRIBLE with money. I’ll admit it. I’ve made some very small steps to get financially stable and I will work on it every month rather than just guessing how everything is going.
  3. Get out of credit card debt. Who doesn’t want better credit scores and needs to take care of themselves financially. I am not in too deep a hole but I’m not comfortable with the hole I’m in. It’s time to get rid of some of the debt I’ve made to save up for a rainy day. Too much cash flow going out to bills means no saving and that bothers me.
  4. Communicate more. I have been a bit of a recluse in the last few years. If you are one of my friends or family and have felt me pull back from you, it was nothing you did. I am sorry about that. I am going to make a bigger and better effort to be with you more. I miss my friends and family. I miss going out. I miss seeing you and being part of your life. So expect emails, facebook messages, twitter messages and calls.
  5. I’m also going to try to read more. I miss reading and I don’t know why I suddenly assumed my life was so busy that I couldn’t pick up a book. So, new bedtime ritual will be a cup of tea (thank you for the Chamomile, Eric,Teri, and Talia) and at least 10 minutes of reading.
  6. Workout. My weight isn’t ridiculous but just like the money thing, it’s gotten to the point I’m not happy with things. I’m not happy with my blood sugars. I’m not happy with how I feel so I’ve got to change that. I still have my Planet fitness membership. I could change. I would just have to find a reason to change.
  7. Give more. I actually want to start volunteering or getting involved in something. I might even try joining a church. That may be an experience.
  8. Vacation. I am actually going to budget and plan a vacation out-of-town.
  9. I am planning a podcast and I’d like to find a second source of income. How? I have no clue. I have a clue how to podcast but I don’t know if anyone wants to hear my ramble on about my love of the Walking Dead, Woodwick candles or why you really shouldn’t pick your zits.
  10. Last but not least, take care of myself. Being a little selfish this year and really deciding for me is “whatever” something I really want. It’s part of the decluttering and the self-improvement. It’s time for us all to basically say “what about me? What do I want?” and just go for it.

So there’s a small list of the goals I have for this new year. We’ll check back and see how well I did at keeping them.