Try it before you Pinterest it!

photo: jronaldlee I admit I am a pinning addict. I love Pinterest. For the longest time, I would fill up my hard drive with dumb pictures or my browser’s bookmarks with links to websites I’d found a great recipe, a thing to blog about or just something I wanted to keep. Now with Pinterest, I […]

5 things I love about Kansas City

Kansas City, in my opinion, has the stigma as the red-headed stepchild of the Midwest. People who live here know Kansas City but if you go anywhere out of the Midwest, most people will assume you live in St. Louis if you say you live in Missouri. They will question your logic about where Kansas […]

Bullshit Radio Podcast is back!

Hey all, we are back! Sit back and enjoy a very long podcast with Regina, Chris, Cody and myself where we discuss several topics such as Mishca Barton gaining some weight, a local story about a server at Carrabba’s in Overland Park dealing with a gay slur as a tip and what may happen to […]


Episode 3 – Old Meat?

This week on the Bullshit Cocktail Hour Radio Podcast, Megan, Chris, Regina and Alicia are talking about the sad loss of Twinkies and the closing of Hostess and Wonder Bread. We also have some weird facts that include facts about condoms, elephants and Danny Trejo. We also apologized to a lot of celebs this week. Movies […]


We’re on Itunes!

Hooray, you can now get all of our silliness on Itunes! Just head on over to the Itunes Store by clicking here or search for Radiovixen or BS Cocktail Hour and you can take us with you wherever you go. Remember, we are labeled explicit so we’re probably not safe for work unless you’re wearing […]

Bullshit Cocktail Hour Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2?! Yes it is! The Bullshit Cocktail Hour Radio Podcast brings you this week your hosts, Megan, Chris and Regina who are joined by Alicia who brings us the interesting story that Hulk Hogan has a sex tape? Then we spoil some of the movie Less Than Zero with Robert Downey, Jr, I Love […]


The Bullshit Radio Cocktail Hour Podcast – Episode One!

It’s the first every podcast! Can you believe it? Oh it’s so terrible and forgive the rickrolling you rather quickly but there was an errant Rick Astley in the background and for the life of me, he wouldn’t go away. Consider it a meme. So why the name? Because we sit around and bullshit and […]